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The VERTICE summer collection for 2024 is now available for wholesale, and we are excited to introduce our in-house produced garments, specifically designed for plus sizes. This collection combines modern aesthetics with comfort, tailored to meet the needs of the contemporary woman.

Unique Designs and Fabrics

VERTICE has focused on creating garments that are not only beautiful but also comfortable for everyday use. We use high-quality fabrics that allow the skin to breathe while providing durability and ease of care. Our designs include modern patterns and vibrant colors, with special emphasis on lines and details that flatter every body type.

Customized Sizes

We understand that every woman is unique, which is why our garments are available in plus sizes that cover a wide range of dimensions. Our goal is to offer pieces that fit perfectly and enhance the confidence of the woman wearing them. Each piece is carefully designed to ensure comfort and freedom of movement.

Wide Range of Products

The VERTICE summer collection includes a variety of products to meet all needs. From elegant dresses and comfortable tops to stylish pants and skirts, our collection is ideal for any occasion. Additionally, we offer accessories that perfectly complement each outfit, providing a complete fashion experience.

Commitment to Quality

VERTICE is committed to offering high-quality products that stand the test of time. Every garment undergoes strict quality controls before reaching our customers’ hands. We invest in cutting-edge technologies and maintain high production standards to ensure that each piece is excellent.


Environmental consciousness is an important part of our philosophy. We use eco-friendly materials and follow production practices that reduce our company’s environmental footprint. VERTICE is dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion, offering garments that are as beautiful as they are responsible.

Collaboration and Support

For wholesale customers, VERTICE offers flexible ordering options and personalized support. We are here to help our partners select the best pieces for their markets, providing quick and reliable service. Our team is always available to answer any questions and offer solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Marketing and Promotion

At VERTICE, we understand the importance of product visibility and promotion. We provide support to our customers with promotional materials such as high-resolution photos, product catalogs, and advertising campaign suggestions. Our goal is to help our partners showcase our products in the best possible way.

The VERTICE summer collection for 2024 is an expression of modern aesthetics and comfort, designed to meet the needs of the contemporary woman. With an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and support for our partners, this collection is the ideal choice for any business looking to offer something unique to their customers. Contact us today to learn more and to place your order for our new pieces.



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